The Portrait Session

The photo session takes place on location!   With 15 years of experience photographing families, I have found the best place for family and child photos is outdoors at a beautiful location.  I have managed to do this year round by remaining flexible with schedule in case weather is ever an issue.  Sessions can take place in your backyard, at a local park, and sometimes even inside of your home depending on the number and age of the children.  Please discuss your expectations and ideas with me.


My main concern is the lighting and texture of the location chosen.  The location never needs to be elaborate.  When I arrive, you will see me walking around and evaluating lighting.  A professional can always find the light!  I have photographed entire sessions right behind a client’s townhome’s privacy fence and with the gorgeous lighting and texture I pulled from the location, it looked like we were in an enchanted garden.  This is what I do.  I absolutely enjoy finding the sweet spots in any location.



If you would like an extra special location, talk to me!  I have specific areas that I have used countless times to create gorgeous images.

What to Wear

I recommend choosing solid colors and avoiding busy patterns; however, one family member with a pattern or two with other non-clashing patterns are fine- everyone should not wear patterns, as that becomes very busy and hard on the eyes.  The goal of these portraits is to focus on you and your family.  Your clothing choice should be a reflection of you and your personality.   Choosing color palettes that blend well with each other but are not the exact same article of clothing for everyone are usually the best choices.


Most customers start with the Standard Collection as that is our base package.  You are not obligated to purchase anything additional after this base package – Only purchase what you love!  You may upgrade to any collection at any time if you wish.  Scroll down for fine art prints and products a la carte.

If you are ready to book your session, please fill out the portrait session agreement….