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Skin Soft – PhotoShop Action

newborn skin actionI believe in hand editing images.  I do not batch action my portraits or do Lightroom presets.  However, I am extremely quick with my hand editing and tend to only spend about a minute per image tops.  I will occasionally make up  my own action that fits my style or serves a specific purpose to make post processing easier and more efficient.

In all my years of photographing newborn babies and families, I use my Skin Soft action on nearly every image in some way.

Newborns especially have skin that can be great one day and the next day, they are broke out with baby acne or their skin has flaked up.  This action is a very simplistic action, but it really makes a significant difference.

This is a paintable action.  It not only works well for my newborn workflow, but I frequently use it on women, teenagers, and occasionally children.