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Learn Retouching & Workflow - Watch Me Edit

From simple color correction techniques, dreamy edits, skin smoothing to head or limb swapping to much more extensive retouching and creating, these videos will open up abilities that you did not know were possible.  Also, learn how to develop a quick and efficient workflow that fits your style.

Not Just Newborn

I have always specialized in newborn photography for my base business; however, I also share techniques for retouching other types of images including child photography and nature.

My credentials

I encourage everyone who considers purchasing product from photographers these days to research their background.  Too many photographers are hiding secrets concerning the state of the industry or the state of their businesses.  Research, research, research. I’ve been involved in the photography industry since 1994 and opened my photography business in 2003.  I have a degree in accounting and business management and owned and operated my own businesses since 1995.  I’m still involved in the photography industry; however, I believe in full transparency, and I invite you to read my articles and blog.

photoshop composites

As part of the retouching videos, there are tutorials on how to create photoshop composites.    There are so many ways to develop your own creativity through composite work.

actions and digital backgrounds

I believe no photographer should be using presets and actions until they have found their style and learned retouching software in full.  I personally hand edit and create actions based on my own needs and style, and that is what sets my work apart.  However, there are some actions such as skin smoothing that can save many many hours, and that is what I offer here along with digital backgrounds.